Context and Inspiration

My idea for this blog and associated film which I am producing is to reflect the orientation of people towards the future in many parts of our society, where the fast paced, continuous progression is incessant, so much so that it is possible that people miss what is going on around them, and there is little time for reflection.  This comes at a time when I have moved out of the city, and so I want to reflect this journey and juxtaposition between the way of the city, and that of the country.

In order to develop these insights and expand on them we practiced a number of creative processes to get ourselves thinking and attempting to draw out the concepts into our awareness.  In doing so I produced a mind-map of what I wanted to explore, as well as a symbolic camera.  This symbolic camera encouraged me to imagine what it was I wanted to capture and how I might go about doing it, imagining this camera as a way of capturing video that reflects my vision, but also seeing the vision adapting in relationship to the environment and scenes which I would capture.

IMG_0015 IMG_0016

 Mind Map


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