Change of direction

After considering my ideas and inspirations behind my initial intention for a film in the last post, I could see that this would be challenging to do it justice within a short 10 minute film. As such I have decided to change the subject to something less abstract, and closer to home in many ways.  This film is perhaps more important to me, considering the closeness of the subject matter.

I have chosen to film my Dad as he is going through a difficult time in his life, where he has little direction (after recently having retired for the large part), is unsure of the future and is unhappy in some ways.  Coincidentally this does fit well with the title of the blog, “always onwards”, and time will play a ket component as we look to his past, present and project into the future, in terms of how he has seen his life, what has motivated him, and how this corresponds with his current circumstance and projections towards the future.

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