Dad – “living forwards”

My Dad is a proponent of “living forwards”, he has always been working towards something, looking to the future, loved the challenge and commitment to something ahead of him – always needing a project to keep his mind occupied.

Although this has of course served him well, it seems that he may be at a loss now when he has no substantial plans.  ‘Living forwards” in his case, and in the way that he goes about it, isn’t working when he doesn’t have the projects to live forwards towards.  These are the types of questions I want to address;  If a lot of his time has been taken making plans and moving towards a goal, what does it mean to have less goals?  Could this bring a sense of liberation, closer attention to the aspects of his life, or a search for new goals?

I think this can be tied to meaning greatly, discussing where he thinks meaning for him comes from.  Is it inherent in him, I.e. does he never concern himself with issues of meaning, or does he feel a loss of it at times – when he doesn’t have a goal to strive for.  Is meaning for him something which is made, by him and by those around him? Does he think there can be meaning outside of culture?

When he looks at nature (of which will play a part in this film) what does he see? A pretty backdrop to the lives of him and those around him, something relatively disconnected, or something which he is part of? How meaningful will the projects he makes, and work towards be, when/if he finds them? Will he be able to find something that has meaning knowing that the purpose of it is solely to keep himself occupied? What is he potentially missing by preoccupying himself to such an extent?  What does he think of a culture which is so focused on busyness and projecting into the future?


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