A film

My film about my dad in many ways fits with my theme of the blog, in that it is an exploration (by him) into understanding his past and looking towards the future.  My dad has always been a man of action, a practical man who has had a fulfilling work life which has occupied a great part of his focus.  Since retiring in middle age he has had a great time travelling, and having fun – as he say’s explicitly in the film.  Recently, however, his lifestyle has not been bringing him much satisfaction.  His future orientation and active mind are not satisfied by his lifestyle, and he needs a new project.

with time to use

I wanted to make this film as it’s very personal, will allow me to get closer to understanding him and his predicament, and perhaps hep guide my own perspective on “living forwards”. By filming in the environment of our home in Poole, I aimed to draw on his relationship to the place, which has provided much satisfaction to him over the years, and also my directing it myself I had the opportunity to draw out a man who would usually be averse to talking about these subjects (he wouldn’t say no to me!)


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