Film process

The process of making the film was a fulfilling one. Utilising the DSLRs to capture the natural environment of Poole was very enjoyable, the weather was beautiful and having the camera encouraged me to pay attention and immerse myself in the wind, sand and water in a way which was not purely receptive (like I would usually enjoy it).  Having the camera required me to have the intention to capture the scenes in ways which would show the place at it’s best, and in it’s rawest form (which was a theme of the film, stripping away the outer layers to get close to the truth of my dad and his circumstances).  I learnt that I had to be responsive with the camera (this was quite a natural reaction), to changes in the scene, such as movement of my dad’s body in shot, as well as changing wind patterns and light in filming the natural environment.

The taught technical aspects of camerawork and editing provided in class proved useful in directing and producing obviously, learning how to pull focus with the aperture, moving smoothly with the camera, having a variety of different shots and angles gave me inspiration which I otherwise would not have had.  I feel like I have much more to learn in this area, and it’s something I would be interested in continuing.  The editing process was also a joy, I was pleasantly surprised with what I could pull together from what I had recorded, but this has also made me realise the technicalities and time consuming nature of editing, as well as it’s potential creativity.

One area I struggled with was getting my dad to open up about his circumstance and talk with clarity to camera.  I found that he took some encouragement and pressure to talk about certain things in relation to his feelings, and some of what he said felt like it was on autopilot rather than coming from a place of “truth”.  This is not suggesting that he wasn’t trying or committed, as when he did open up and spoke freely, what he said rang true as honest and heartfelt, which I hope is reflected in the film.

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