What to do, Dad?

As mentioned in my last post, my dad is in some ways a private man, and yet he has opened up to me a lot recently about his current predicament.  I want to be able to try and help him, whilst making a rich ethnographic film.  The way I plan on approaching this is spending a long weekend with him down in Poole, where I grew up, where we will conduct a number of interviews and take walks, eat and explore the area (weather dependent!).

The third wheel will be the camera and I hope to take a collaborative approach to filming with him, asking him to help me express the way in which he see’s the local area, whilst discussing our times together over the years and touching on the motivations which have driven him, and his thoughts now as to why he feels somewhat lost.  Below are some associations which will help me plan what I want to do.

Current house – rented. Liminal period, between long term residences as he is between jobs/direction.

Beaches – have been constant throughout his life there, where I grew up. Does he take comfort from the place? Is he pulled back here when he goes away so often?

Work – always been a practical man, mechanic, interested in engines. Are his frustrations with recent work the administrative, stressful management side of things.  Does he miss the simplicity and practicality of what he was doing before.

Sociality – friends have always been a sideline to work and family. Has his greater reliance on people as a source of entertainment, support now resulted in him becoming more disappointed in them.  What is he looking for in friends? Understanding?

Interests – What are his current interests? What does he like to do? Why doesn’t he find these fulfilling? Repetitive?

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